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In response to the hundreds of community conversations from jail inmates to food pantries to community leaders that we completed in 2019, and through the Taking Effective Community Action process, the Community Foundation hired us to address the citizens of the tri-county areas desire for Safe, Mentally Healthy/Drug-Free Communities. The project planning involved bringing solutions forth that were workable as a region yet allowed the smaller communities to operate within their unique culture and budgets as compared to Howard County’s much larger population. We were able to bring key stakeholders from the mental health, healthcare, jail, police, transportation, veteran, systems of care agencies and more to focus on what was currently being done, what was needed, what the barriers to solutions were and discovered that together we could make an impact.


Out of two years of conversations, project planning, successful model analysis, and much meeting of minds, we were able to help the Community Foundation implementation grant teams, secure a $5 million Lilly Foundation grant for a Drop-in and Recovery Center with wraparound services located in Howard County and several grants in the hundreds of thousands for mental health, mobile response team and recovery services in Carroll and Clinton Counties. While services have been provided through Turning Point SOC in Howard County, with smaller but effective units in Carroll and Clinton Counties, the new facility (Recovery Café) housing a 12-bed recovery unit, drop-in clinic and wraparound services will fully open in Howard County in the summer of 2022 serving the region. Mobile response teams will continue to work with law enforcement to divert mental health and drug abuse clients to the center for treatment.

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With their professionalism, leadership strengths and timely attention to detail, Kim and her consulting team have provided thorough and usable results on various projects ranging from community conversations and assessments, surveys, action-planning for impact, and project oversight through specialized forums. In every project they provided comprehensive and detailed notes or reports for our use in moving forward. Their ability to immerse themselves in the communities they serve and delve deeply into the real issues have resulted in leading people to own a plan of action that results in strong community impact.”

Greg Aaron, President, Community Foundation serving Howard, Clinton, and Carroll Counties

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