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Community Foundation of Pulaski County


When beginning work in this county in 2019, it was obvious they had reached the stage where residents were fed up, had lost faith and hope in leaders, and wanted real community development but didn’t know how to achieve it. The Community Foundation initiated a 3-year project planning strategy with our Partner Organization – Project Matters, LLC and we developed the Forward-Thinking Leadership Initiative. We knew baby steps were needed so we outlined education and training to develop leaders in the community. That included a nonprofit training series developed by Kimberly’s Business by Design, LLC, a Leadership program through Purdue for Pulaski County, creation of elected official’s training by Project Matters, LLC and working with Ball State University to provide Community Development training and courses.


By December 2021, expert consultants were in charge of 3 of the 4 task groups and work had begun. As of February 2022, Broadband, Housing, and Downtown Development project planning teams were actively working for change in the community and will be securing millions of dollars in funding for sustainability of the projects.

Sunset over mountains

Kim has shown herself to be highly professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and dedicated. She focuses her attention and expertise on the client’s specific issues or desires. Kim is a planner who takes deadlines seriously and can think strategically through challenges with a can-do attitude. I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to both work with and learn from Kim!

Wendy Rose, Executive Director, Community Foundation of Pulaski County

Key Partners

Shae Kmicikewycz

Former Indiana Main Street Director

 Scott Rudd

Former Director of Broadband for the State of Indiana

 Pulaski County CDC

As well as local government officials and citizens.

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