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Developing your success

At our business, we have a passion for helping communities, people and organizations succeed.

Why I Started

My personal mission is to help communities, businesses, people and organizations develop their maximum potential. I firmly believe our natural world is a great example of growth and change necessary to thrive and grow.

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Kimberly Pinkerton

My Story

When people ask me, “How did your business get started?”, I usually laugh and begin with “In the land before time and the internet…” Actually, it was back when the internet was very young and the business consulting I experienced (mainly agribusiness and nonprofits) had not begun transitioning to the digital world. I started helping businesses put software, equipment, systems and structures in place for operations efficiency and data and impact collection. And so, it began.

I was raising five children, working with several nonprofits and still working in agriculture when I decided I couldn’t do it all, so I took a job in community development where I could help lots of businesses and follow my passion. I loved my work in the Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development and Main Street worlds and expanded to other nonprofit training for their boards, then into strategic planning, and growing to much more in a tri-state area.

Our Services

Organizational Assessments and Planning

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Utilizing stakeholder feedback, organizational data, governance documents and analytical tools such as the Bottom-Line Matrix, we'll delve into your organizational strengths and opportunities to work with your board, staff and stakeholders for the development of your key goals.

Excellence in Nonprofit Trainings

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A set series of non profit training or individualized sessions designed to key in on the fundamentals of nonprofit management. Series training is geared toward nonprofit executive board members and key staff.

Community Development Planning

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Each community is unique in its culture. Through immersive listening, we capture the community’s aspirations and offer insights on reaching those goals. We can help community leaders, foundations, etc., decide on courses of action that will implement real growth and change models for reaching those aspirations.

Learn more about the services we offer.

Meet The Team

Kimberly Pinkerton

Kimberly Pinkerton

Kimberly's Business by Design LLC

Macy Troyer

Macy Troyer

Blossm Social Media

Adam Clevenger

Adam Clevenger

Adam Clevenger & Associates

Amy Beechy

Amy Beechy

CEO Project Matters LLC

Shae Kmicikewycz

Shae Kmicikewycz

Community Development Coordinator

Brittany Scott

 Brittany Scott

Project Administrative Assistant

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